About us

Ayurveda is the ancient science of healing and holistic living, a knowledge handed down by Rishis for the well-being of mankind: At Dhathri our sole purpose is to ensure this ancient form of medicine, aided by modern science, remains as pure and unadulterated as prescribed in the vedas.

For over 3 centuries, this task of keeping the Ayurveda formulations true to its origins has been diligently carried out by one esteemed family of Ayurveda doctors. Dr. Saji Kumar; the scion of this respected family, and the founder and guiding light of Dhathri, has dedicated his life to ensuring Dhathri Ayurveda products continue to be the best and it remains the most trusted brand to come out of Kerala.

The reason why we adhere to the strictest ingredient sourcing channels, the most disciplined process of preparation, at the hands of only the most qualified experts. creating every single product to perfection.

Our root to rack systems and quality checks follow international standards of hygiene, to bring you a plethora of unmatched products that make every life healthy, happy and beautiful: both inside and out, because at Dhathri it is all about being honest to the core.

Dhathri values

Our single most important value: Honesty, can be found in each and every product that bears the Dhathri name. Our honest sourcing of genuine natural ingredients, authentic process by only the most qualified Ayurveda experts and effective and safe results for a happy, healthy and beautiful living, all bear testament to being the most honest and Authentic Ayurveda brand in India.

Our story

Contrary to popular belief, Ayurveda is more than just an alternate therapy, it is a time-tested and trusted science, built on age-old wisdom combined with the goodness of pure, natural ingredients, which when combined with knowledge, patience and the perfect Ayurveda processes prove way more beneficial and safe than lab-created, artificial personal care products.

At Dhathri we give impetus to ensuring that we keep the legacy of Ayurveda alive by being truly dedicated to our craft, to bring you genuinely effective products that are honest to the core, without any artificial intrusion.

At Dhathri each of product goes through the rigour and research that stands true to on our 6 unshakeable pillars of Authenticity:

These 6 pillars of Authenticity ensure that our brand is steeped in utmost honesty, unshakeable integrity and unmatched quality. And these 6 combined together determine the value and efficacy of every product that bears the Dhathri name, making it HONEST TO THE CORE.