Dhathri Pure Greens

From their journey of farm to fork, the vegetables and fruits gather a lot of dust, dirt, bacteria, pesticides and often fungus and all kinds of germs. Just cleaning them isn’t enough , they need the hygienic and safe wash of Pure Greens, the 100% herbal ingredient-based vegetable and fruit wash. It helps thoroughly clean the vegetables and fruits, effectively removing fungus, germs, bacteria, wax and dirt, without damaging the purity of the nutrients and natural goodness and taste of the vegeta
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Dhathri Instant Hand Sanitizer

Dhathri herbal instant hand saitizer kills 99.9% of germs instantly without water. It is enriched with lemon and neem oil to help deep cleanse, purify & protect hands from disease causing germs. Use anytime anywhere. Use as often as required. But the most valuable content this pack offers is Honesty. So when you buy any Dhathri product, you can be rest assured you are getting nothing less than the purest and the most effective authentic Ayurveda.
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