Best Ayurveda Tips to overcome Fatigue

Best Ayurveda Tips to overcome Fatigue

All of us struggle with being overtired or overworked each day. Fatigue is a common problem that is explained as a feeling of tiredness or lack of energy. A stress-driven body and mind are the major cause of fatigue, it is generally caused by lifestyle or dietary problems. It can be triggered by stress, medication, overwork, or mental and physical illness.

According to Ayurveda, fatigue is caused by the imbalance of one, some or all the three Doshas. Fatigue can have three causative factors at the level — physical, mental and emotional. It may be caused by an imbalance of Tridoshas ie, Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Vata is usually the prime dosha involved. Increased level of Vata causes poor circulation which leads to the feeling of fatigue.

Causes for fatigue

Fatigue refers to a feeling of tiredness or weariness. It can be temporary or chronic. The main cause of fatigue is the lack of energy due to wrong feeding habits. The way you live and how you eat largely determines the energy levels within your body. Especially important is how you eat, the strength of your digestion, and what kind of foods you choose and are able to digest. By not eating properly, you may also have other health problems later in life, such as heart disease, which is related to your poor diet and unhealthy eating habits.

1. Lack of physical fitness: Fitness is very important nowadays. Fitness does not mean being slim or lean or being without fat deposits. Fitness is the ability of the body to sustain hard work.

2. Less food more work: If you are eating fewer calories compared to energy spent then also you will end up being tired.

3. Lack of nutrition rich food: Choose right food, stick on to homemade foods, fruits, and vegetables. Limit the use of fatty foods as which cause diabetes, cholesterol and also damage to organs like heart, liver, kidney and cause tiredness.

4. Indigestion: This is one of the main causes for tiredness according to Ayurveda.

Symptoms of Fatigue

1. Dizziness or Vertigo
2. Lack of energy
3. Tiredness or Exhaustion
4. You do not feel fresh after waking up in the morning, though you had a good night’s sleep. You feel your stomach heavy all the time.
5. Either you eat more or eat less, there is an imbalance in hunger.
6. Lasting illness: Chronic illness or disease is one of the major causes. If you are suffering from a disease for a long time, then it is better to consult the doctor for an advice to take care of overall body nourishment. This will cure fatigue and tiredness.
7. Mental Fatigue: Laziness, no mood for hard work, lack of energy, though you actually are not tired.
8. Depression & Anxiety: These cause mental fatigue and leads to tiredness. The solution lies in treating them in a healthy way.
9. Stress: It is related to mental and physical fatigue. Physical stress due to an accumulation of free radicals affects the organs. Mental stress can be handled with stress relief techniques.

Tips to Overcome Fatigue and regain good health

To fix this problem, finding the right diet is crucial. Unhealthy fatty foods & foods that contain preservatives can coat your intestinal wall and can result in less food being absorbed into your system, so cells are provided with less energy, leaving you feeling fatigued. Ayurveda believes strongly that the strength of your digestive fire makes all the difference in how well you are able to convert food into energy.

To support your digestive fire, add digestive spices such as cumin, mustard seed, turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger. It is said to support your body when you are facing high-stress levels, and it can encourage a healthy sleeping pattern. Try to include all six tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent, pungent) in your diet. Favor the sweet, sour, and salty tastes, as this help pacify Vata dosha, and eat less of the bitter, astringent and pungent foods. The concept of Ayurveda dictates certain habits like eating right, dietary supplements and specific exercise techniques in Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation to help you overcome fatigue.

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