23 Mar, 2021
The Importance of Yoga in the 21st century

The need for exercise and involvement with nature is growing along with the progression of humanity. There are many practices that can be carried out to bring alignment to the mind, body and soul. Yoga is a system that was developed for this very purpose thousands of years ago in India, and it still bears relevance today. It enables us to achieve the best version of ourselves by managing stress, improving range of motion in the body, as well as improving self-esteem by boosting confidence. Its scope goes beyond mere exercise and can even be thought of as a way of life. It aids us in understanding ourselves better and being more aware of everything that goes on internally and externally. 

Over the past few decades, there has been an upsurge among people all over the world surrounding interest in yoga. This has less to do with new age mysticism, and is more about the level of benefits and change that people who adopt this practice feel. It helps regulate our emotions better, and keeps us safe from adopting a warped world-view by training our minds to constantly be open.

The benefits of yoga go beyond any list and can even delve into a level that we may not be aware of. Even so, here are a few benefits as proven by science: 

  • Yoga improves cardiovascular health by stimulating the circulatory system – By balancing the states of effort and ease within the body, yoga makes the body get used to an active lifestyle. Practitioners also have lower blood pressures than non-practitioners due to decreased stress levels and better eating habits. 
  • Yoga improves the condition and quality of life, as its practice means that our moods and energy levels are better regulated. 
  • Yoga allows us to get the most out of our sleep because we train our minds to let go of what is out of control, so that we may reach deeper levels of sleep sooner, thus gaining a higher quality of rest which enables better functioning on awakening. 
  • Yoga teaches us to be more conscious of the way we conduct ourselves, and prescribes methods to have better posture, which in turn affects our self-image as well as the way that we are perceived by others. 
  • Yoga trains us to have better control over our breathing, which is paramount enabling ourselves to get the most out of physical exercise, as well as regulation of moods and emotions. 

 Ultimately, beyond all of these benefits, yoga shows us a way of achieving a higher level of consciousness in life. It incorporates routine, pragmatism, self-confidence, love and harmony with other living beings  as well as ourselves. Far from being a kind of practice shrouded in mysticism, it is a guide to carry out a better way of life.