Detoxify Mind & Body with the Right Karkidaka Diet

Detoxify Mind & Body with the Right Karkidaka Diet

The Karkidaka month, which lasts between July 16th – August 17th, 2018 is when the monsoon season enters its final phase in our country. This is the time the strength and immunity of the body drops and you become really weak. The general health and digestive power will be reduced, and hence, it is very important for you to make sure you have a controlled diet. We often overlook the impact of a good diet, but this can actually go a long way in helping us fight diseases during this time of drastic climate change.

As per Ayurvedic principles, the root cause of each disease is a condition called ‘Agnimandya’, wherein the food is not properly digested due to the diminished power of digestive juices. This leads to the formation of ‘Ama’. ‘Ama’ is a toxic matter that is formed in the intestines due to impaired digestion and is the causative factor of many diseases

How does ‘Ama’ form in our system? It forms primarily due to improper eating practices like intake of excess food, irregular eating habits, eating foods which are heavy, unhealthy, etc. It can lead to very serious diseases. Hence, here are a few dietary patterns you must take care of, and follow this Karkidaka month.

  1. Always drink boiled water in order to avoid water-borne diseases during the monsoon season. You could boil water with Dhathri Dahasamani, which is a mixture of Indian herbs like Chandanam, Pathimugam, Karingali & Ramacham, that helps to cool your body and aid in good digestion.
  2. The monsoon season is when you get cold and fever. Drink warm milk with turmeric powder to get rid of a sore throat, throat pain and cold.
  3. Avoid eating raw vegetables. Prepare a seasoned vegetable soup and drink everyday.
  4. Avoid spicy, oily, fried foods.
  5. Include more liquids, and lower the amount of solids in your diet.
  6. Include vegetables that are easily digestible, like bottle gourd, ladies finger, etc.
  7. Include ginger in your preparations as it aids in digestion.
  8. Eat fruits like dates, grapes, coconut, etc.
  9. Include honey in the diet as is it aids in digestion as well.
  10. Prepare the fabled Karkidaka Kanji, which is a rice porridge made of several herbs. It is highly nutritious and helps boost your immunity.
  11. Avoid all non-vegetarian foods, smoking, alcohol, etc.

You must also follow good habits like going to bed early and waking up early, drinking 2 litres of water every day in order to make sure you are building enough immunity power and strength that your body needs for the rest of the year.

Apart from the diet, the Karkidaka month is also the time where Ayurvedic treatments work the best for your body. At Dhathri Hospital, we provide various treatments like the Panchakarma treatment, Abhyangam, Dhara, etc. which will help to boost your immunity power further, and help you stay fit. Dhathri hospital is situated in Kerala, which has a unique geography and landscape that aids in bringing about positive response to these treatments and also supports speedier recovery.

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