Karkidaka Chikitsa- Best Ayurvedic Treatments to Take During Monsoons

Karkidaka Chikitsa- Best Ayurvedic Treatments to Take During Monsoons

Are you falling sick every now and then during the monsoon season? It’s quite natural, as your body becomes more vulnerable and low on immunity power during this month. This is why most people rely on Ayurvedic rejuvenation treatments during the ‘Karkidaka’ month. The Karkidaka month lies between July 17- August 16 in 2018 and is primarily followed in Kerala as a very important month due to several reasons.

Primarily, this is the time when the monsoons hit the final phase in almost all parts of the country, and heavy rainfall and strong, cold winds do their rounds in the state. During this time, one can observe a drastic transition from the scorching heat of the summers to heavy rainfalls. This, would naturally take a toll on your health as this is time your immunity goes down and your body becomes an easy target for diseases. And, this is also the time your body becomes most receptive to Ayurvedic treatments. Hence, it is ideal that you get some Ayurvedic rejuvenation treatments done as your body would respond the best to them during this period.

The landscape and other environmental uniqueness of the state of Kerala support healing of the body through these Ayurvedic treatments in a much more effective manner than any other place in our country. The geography of this state enables the human body to respond positively to the treatments and enables speedier recovery. Another significant fact that makes this month even more special is that this is also the Ramayana month. The sacred scripture of Ramayana is recited during the entire month. The Karkidaka is the last month of the Malayalam Year and the Ramayana scriptures are recited till the very last day of the month in order to welcome the new year with a refreshing spiritual approach.

As mentioned above, the onset of this particular month could result in throwing the 3 ‘doshas’ (Vatha, Pitha, Kapha) off balance, and this could result in illnesses. Hence, it is advisable that you take care of your diet and also get some Ayurvedic treatments done during this month. The Dhathri hospital makes numerous Ayurvedic treatments available to you, under the supervision of expert Ayurveda doctors. You have the comfort of staying within the premises of the hospital, as we have beautiful cottages and deluxe rooms built in that allow unrestricted passage of air and give an excellent view of beautiful gardens and clear backwater in the surrounding. Some of the very effective treatments that we provide during the Karkidaka month include the following:

Panchakarma treatment: This fabled Ayurvedic treatment, gives the ultimate mind-body healing experience. It is best for detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system, and restoring balance and well-being. It is one of the most effective healing treatments in Ayurvedic medicine and promotes detoxification & rejuvenation. It is highly recommended during Karkidaka month.

Abhyangam: Abhyangam consists of a 7-day long treatment with oil smeared on the pate, the ears and bottom part of the feet. Once oiling is done by the experts, the patient is made to take bath in warm water in order to draw out the benefits of the treatment. This one is done in order to improve stamina of the body and maintain youth.

Svedanam: This particular treatment is very effective for those suffering from overweight or obesity. It also helps to improve stamina and keeps you energetic. As part of this treatment, water that is mixed with various medicinal Ayurvedic herbs is boiled and the patient is subjected to the steam that emanates from the boiling water. The patient is made to perspire under the effect of this steam, and later bath in warm water.

Dhara: Dhara is a very famous treatment in Ayurveda. People all over the world take it in order to do away with tension, mental stress, headaches and to improve memory power. This treatment consists of pouring medicinal oils on to the forehead of the patient for as long as half an hour. This has a profound effect on the person.

Pizhichil: This is also a very fabled Ayurvedic treatment. It consist of smearing medicinal oil all over the body. The oils are made warm and are poured continuously on the body parts below the hip and above the hip, and simultaneously these oils are applied to effectively penetrate the body. This treatment aids in improving blood flow to the heart and blood vessels, and also to remove unwanted substances that may cause harm to the body.

The aforementioned Ayurvedic treatments are very effective, and must be ideally done during the Karkidaka month as the body is very receptive of their benefits. Hence, in order to ensure that your body can endure any stress during this month and the months to come, take these treatments, and experience the positive physical and mental changes they bring about.

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