Make the most of your life

Make the most of your life

Our body and mind have been challenged by multiple factors in a polluted mental and physical atmosphere for many years. Since time immemorial, the health of body and mind has been a serious matter of concern for the people living in any society. We have been searching for solutions here and there. A common man is interested in anything that comes in the name of solution to his/her physical and mental illness. That’s quite natural, as we always search for something to make our life more better, and to be aloof from complexities and illness even though it’s a distant dream for most of us.

But, as a man who believed in India’s ancient heritage, I think our forefathers had developed one of the most effective ways to lead a life without stress. I have been into the healthcare sector for several years and found Ayurveda an exceptional healing method to the problems of people of all ages. Ayurveda is all about life and knowledge. When we split the word, we can say ‘Ayur’ means life and ‘Veda’ means knowledge. I would like to define it as the knowledge of life

The primary concern of this secondary Vedic text is about the health and well-being of body and mind. When it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, Ayurveda offers a comprehensive mechanism to deal with it.

Knowing the various aspects of Ayurveda will make you get the art of right living in the right proportions. It’s about the prevention of ailments and the openness of life.

Ayurveda is more of a lifestyle than a system of medicine and way of treatment. Nature has in its possession all the ways to rejuvenate and reinvent the mind, body and the soul. Ayurveda is the key to this. While the advocates of modern medicine reiterate the adage ‘prevention is better than cure’, the very basic principle of the Ayurvedic lifestyle lies on the fact that disease can be kept at bay through the right way of life.

How can we attain the right way of life? In this column, I am just touching some aspects to follow the right way of life. We can discuss it in detail in the coming articles.

And this right way of life is the balancing of food habits by leaning towards foods with ‘sattva guna’. Sattva is about the quality of balance, harmony, goodness, and purity.

Nuts, seeds, oils, fruits, dairy products hog the major part of Sattvic foods. Exponents of Ayurveda exhort people to avoid fried and junk food as they are of ‘thamo guna.’

Another important aspect is oil bath, a practice that we are letting to die down slowly. Earlier, oil bath once or twice in a week was a part of Malayali lifestyle. But, now it seems not in vogue and the practice, which is highly beneficial to health, has paved way for the use of chemicals-enriched lotions. But, this alternative has proven to be inadequate to give the coolness to the body and calmness to the mind which the traditionally-practiced oil bathing can give to a person, especially in a tropical region.

And, indeed, exercise is an indispensable part of the right lifestyle. It’s an important source of energy. With the changing times and lifestyle, it has become very important for everyone to find some time daily to work out. The best option is yoga as it can meet the needs of the body and the mind together and that too by making us more connected to the traditional wisdom of our great ancestors.

So, make the most of your life by choosing the right path.

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