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Refreshing Aloe Vera Body Wash
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There is no better feeling than a refreshing bath. Especially when that bath delivers all the goodness of nature. Dhathri Ayurveda Refreshing Aloe Vera Body Wash, is an Ayurvedic body wash rich in a bevy of natural ingredients, that when combined together help cleanse your pores and give your skin a refreshing glow, bath after bath. It contains extract of pure Aloe vera, which is a natural humectant that retains the moisture and penetrates into the deeper layers to soothe the skin.

Soothes & moisturizes Removes excess oil Deep hydration
Distilling centuries of knowledge for holistic healing.

Our promise is to facilitate overall health and wellness with our authentic, naturally sourced ingredients.

Aloe Vera
Mandarin Orange
Made with high quality ingredients
Made with high quality ingredients
Authentic Ayurveda
Authentic Ayurveda
100% Herbal
100% Herbal
Clinically tested for safety and efficacy
Clinically tested for safety and efficacy

Refresh, soothe & moisturize the skin

Deep Hydrate skin & removes impurities

Remove excess oil for a refreshing glow

Free from Triclosan, soap, parabens, mineral oils, SLS, silicones .

100% Herbal Actives

Add sufficient amount of body wash on your wet loofah or hands.

Lather up on your wet skin. Rinse off thoroughly.

Jaya Kumari
"It contains natural and toxin free ingredients like Aloe Vera extract, Cucumber extract, & Mandarin Orange. You feel so refreshed and moisturised after the bath. Been using this a month. Doesn’t dry the skin. Less foamy."
Arun Iyer
"The body wash works quite well in taking away all day dust, dirt, sweat, and germs, it's quite refreshing. No chemicals and all ayurvedic makes it safer and skin friendly and hence i don't see any harm in using it everyday."
Megha Ramesh
"I was looking for a natural chemical free body wash, bought it recently as it's made of 100% herbal actives. Used it and loved the soothing effect n the refreshing glow after every bath."
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Wellness is important because it aids a person to develop immunity against preventable illnesses. Our products help boost your natural immune systems by providing essential minerals and vitamins needed by the body.
If you have any allergies towards a particular substance, please make sure you go through the list of ingredients for the products of your choice. Dhathri products are made with 100% natural and safe ingredients.
Do make sure to go through the instructions which are available on the packaging of the supplement to get a better understanding of dosage and timings.
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