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Hair Care issues are intimidating, be it hair fall, dandruff, frizziness or dryness. Ayurveda says natural treatment is the best when it comes to Hair Care and Hair Care routines. Switching to Ayurvedic hair products has been in demand because of its added benefits and long term results, without causing harm. The modern set of hair problems requires a carefully curated set of natural hair care products for men and women that cater to the needs of hair and scalp and nourish them throughout. This decade has several specific concerns like best hair treatment measures that are gentle and effective on hair, including Hair Oils for intense hair fall issues, Anti-dandruff Oil for recurring dandruff, Mild daily Shampoo free from Sulphates Parabens, etc. These issues require customised treatment plans that do not add to the existing harm caused but bring solutions for the specific problem faced.

Finding ideal products that meet your set of hair needs is essential to maintain healthy, nourished hair and scalp free from dirt, pollutants, dandruff or other hair concerns. There is a known fear and concern on the available Hair Care products online having chemical ingredients which add damage to the existing hair problem. Comparing the healthy hair of people we see around, creates curiosity and interest to start treating hair related concerns at the earliest and give your hair a special hair treatment for it to grow naturally, maintain health and overall outlook and flaunt it without second thoughts. However, the busy lifestyle patterns have resulted in skipping hair care concerns and issues and worrying about them later. A daily Hair Care regimen with the best Ayurvedic hair products has to be practised for getting solutions for long term hair troubles.

We make it easy for you to use Ayurvedic products on hair, keeping in mind your happiness and health to promote overall wellbeing. Hair needs natural herbal ingredients to retain its natural, nourishing effect on hair and scalp. Hair Care products at Dhathri are a range of products with natural herbal ingredients, suited for each hair type and multiple hair issues. An array of Hair Oils, Hair Cleansers, Hair Conditioners and Hair Creams to meet a modern set of problems like hair fall, dandruff and many other specific hair concerns.

Dhathri Ayurveda provides solutions to hair concerns that require intense treatment without causing damage. Dhathri Ayurveda has a range of hair oils, Hair Cleansers and Hair Conditioners that contain Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients which adds nourishment to the hair, promote growth and restore natural lustre for hair. Choose from our range of hair care products for multiple issues related to hair and get amazing results for everything related to Hair Growth, Dandruff, Damaged hair, and Thickness or Volume.