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Hair has equal importance like skin, which requires utmost patience and care for its maintenance. Adequate hair care routines help to promote healthy hair growth, undisturbed by any external factors. The initial step towards a healthy glowing hair starts from hair oiling followed by the usage of nourishing hair cleansers that cleanse the scalp from product buildup, dirt or other impurities. Hair cleansers or Scalp cleansers are an unavoidable part of a healthy hair care routine. Hair Cleansers are gentle formulas, free from chemicals that cleanse hair and keep them free from dirt grime or impurities. Today there is adequate stress on the importance of Hair cleansers and natural products which has led to significant changes in user need patterns towards Natural hair Cleansers, Scalp cleansing shampoos, Ayurvedic hair products etc. People look for hair cleansers that does the job of thorough cleansing of scalp and hair while maintaining the natural outlook unaltered.

Natural Hair Cleansers gently cleanse hair without stripping off natural oiliness from hair. If Natural cleansers are your choice for cleaning hair, Ayurvedic hair cleansing products are an ideal solution to nourish hair & scalp and keep the roots healthy. Natural hair cleansers have a range of herbal ingredients that promotes healthy hair free from damages, dirt or dandruff. Dhathri has a range of Hair cleansers, nourishing scalp cleansers etc., with natural ingredients that thoroughly cleanse without stripping off their natural shine from hair and keep the scalp clean from dirt or dandruff. Our Cleanser shampoo Chemparathi thaali is a natural effective cleanser made with pure extracts of hibiscus and 5 other natural ingredients that keeps hair soft and shiny and treat scalp infections, nourishing it throughout. It is suitable for both adults and kids and safe for use on any hair type.

Dheedhi Daily Herbal Shampoo is a mild daily cleanser that is gentle on hair and purifies hair and scalp with its ingredients including Aloe Vera extracts, Coconut oil and Amla. It's a clinically proven mild cleanser for daily use. Anti Dandruff shampoo & Lime shampoo are another set of Hair cleansers by Dhathri to combat dandruff problems and promote a healthy scalp. These cleansers purify the scalp and prevent dandruff recurrence. Lime shampoo has the added advantage of enriching hair with the goodness of Vitamin C and B6 from the lemon. Other Hair Cleansers include Anti Hair fall Herbal Shampoo to control hair fall, Damage Repair Herbal Shampoo is specially made from a unique process called cold-pressed and dried process that helps to seal hair strands with protein nourishment by its deep penetration into hair fibers and repair damages like split-ends. Dheedhi Volume and Thickness Shampoo is made from the process of cold-infusion process from ingredients including Henna, Heart seed and Tinospora that helps to make hair look voluminous by maintaining healthy thick hair growth.

Explore our range of Hair Cleansers and indulge in the goodness of nature’s abundant resources which can nourish hair and keep you free of worries about hair loss, dandruff or hair damage.