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Hair Care Herbal Oil
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This bottle of Dhathri Hair Care Herbal Oil contains the goodness of follicle nourishing actives that is extracted from 15 carefully selected restorative Ayurvedic herbs. This nourishing blend is clinically proven to promote natural hair growth and control hair fall.

Promotes hair growth Maintains healthy hair Controls hair fall
A formula that couldn't exist without you

Your unique hair needs and goals are addressed with a curated selection of our ever-growing list of active natural ingredients.

Musk Root
Aloe Vera
Coconut Oil
Eclipta Alba
Made with high quality ingredients
Made with high quality ingredients
Authentic Ayurveda
Authentic Ayurveda
100% Herbal
100% Herbal
Clinically tested for safety and efficacy
Clinically tested for safety and efficacy

Hydrates and strengthens the hair from root to tip

Promotes hair growth

Reduces and controls hair fall

100% natural

Maintains the volume and thickness of hair

Free from mineral oil, Artificial colorants & Preservatives

Gently massage scalp or comb hair

Shake the bottle well

Take 7 ml to 10 ml of this Dhathri Hair Care Herbal Oil

Apply on scalp and massage well from root to tip

Leave on for 15-30 minutes

Use Dheedhi Herbal Shampoo or Dhathri Chemparathi Thaali to wash off the excess oil

Reena Roy
I love this oil. it is so good for my hair, my all family members are also using same oil from Dhathri. 5 stars for 5 star performance.  
Rachel Sharma
My hair is growing so long and strong after using this oil. I went to the website to see the ingredients, its all natural and safe. It's very good.
Srivatsa Sreenivas
Please use this oil to promote hair growth. I have been using this for 4 months and have been very happy with the results. Give it a try!
Let our products help you enrich your life
Hair takes around one month to grow quarter to half an inch. Encouraging hair growth requires boosting your body’s nutritional state, stimulating the hair follicles to grow faster. That’s why your hair deserves the highest quality natural ingredients found in Dhathri Hair Care products to stimulate hair growth and to keep hair well-nourished. Stick with our products for six months to see the results for yourself!
There are many different factors that can affect hair growth, from the way you style your hair to the food you eat. It can also be affected by stress and changes in the hormonal balance of the body. In addition to these factors, the rate of hair growth and hair fall is also genetic.
Yes, our products are designed to be compatible with all hair types to provide the highest level of care for your hair!
Dhathri Ayurveda was born out of a vision to craft safe, natural and effective skin, hair and wellness products that are as pure and unadulterated as prescribed in the vedas. From sourcing the right ingredients to the preparation process, there is nothing more important to us than honesty.
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