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Golden Milk
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Traditionally, turmeric milk (haldi doodh) is widely prevalent in Ayurvedic practices and across Indian culture and cuisines. The golden milk confers numerous benefits, right from boosting your immunity to promoting weight loss.

Build immunity Improves digestion Natural detoxifier
Distilling centuries of knowledge for holistic healing.

Our promise is to facilitate overall health and wellness with our authentic, naturally sourced ingredients.

Dry Ginger
Black Pepper
Made with high quality ingredients
Made with high quality ingredients
Authentic Ayurveda
Authentic Ayurveda
100% Herbal
100% Herbal
Clinically tested for safety and efficacy
Clinically tested for safety and efficacy

Helps build immunity

Fights respiratory issues

Helps in blood purification

Enhanced availability of curcumin due to its combination with piperine

To a glass, add Dhathri Ayurveda Golden Milk Healthy Turmeric Mix, pour 120ml hot milk (1 scoop) or water (1-2 scoop) and mix well.

Drink once or twice a day or as directed by physician.

Archana Mathew
"I use this turmeric powder to control my joint pain in my knees and shoulder, your turmeric powder greatly reduces this pain and inflammation, so that I can walk up and down the steps without fear or pain. I highly recommend this product."
Seema L
I use a teaspoon of this Turmeric powder with 4-6 oz milk, microwave for approx 2 minutes , then add honey and drink it once or twice daily to keep my immune system healthy and lots more health benefit. An authentic Ayurveda product without any chemicals or artificial colours.
Prabha prakash
"I always give my son haldi milk at night before going to sleep. But considering the hectic lifestyle I have, it really becomes difficult to crush fresh haldi powder, pepper, dry ginger etc. So this one came as a natural and pure option to opt for. The best part is that it has pepper which increases it's effectiveness. "
Let our products help you enrich your life
Wellness is important because it aids a person to develop immunity against preventable illnesses. Our products help boost your natural immune systems by providing essential minerals and vitamins needed by the body.
If you have any allergies towards a particular substance, please make sure you go through the list of ingredients for the products of your choice. Dhathri products are made with 100% natural and safe ingredients.
Do make sure to go through the instructions which are available on the packaging of the supplement to get a better understanding of dosage and timings.
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