We craft products that are honest to the core.

From sourcing the highest quality ingredients to working with a passionate and committed team in our state-of-the-art facilities till our products finally arrive in your hands, these six unwavering pillars of authenticity guide us on our journey.

Authenticity of
Kerala is accepted as the birthplace of Ayurveda and has been home to authentic remedial and therapeutic treatments for centuries.
Authenticity of
Persistent quality checks from root to rack ensure that we have all the credentials and certifications required to make us Authentic Ayurveda.
Authenticity of
Our team of experts are Ayurveda connoisseurs and their skills have been honed over years of Research & Development in search of the perfect Ayurvedic process.
Authenticity of
We come from a centuries old lineage of Authentic Ayurveda practitioners and history has borne witness to the unflinching dedication with which we have served our customers.
Authenticity of
Every handpicked ingredient we source is as nature intended it to be: Pure & Perfect, with no additives.
Authenticity of
We strictly adhere to age-old processes with the aid of modern science to ensure that even the smallest ounce of our product is precious.